• We have state-of-the-art transcriptome analyses, including next generation or massive parallel sequencing, in addition to NanoCage technology to capture only minute amounts of total RNA for accurate measurements.
  • Other techniques are microarray technology, sequencing and fragment analysis, in addition to high through PCR & HRMA robotics.


  • We provide various types of high content and high throughput quantitative proteomics analysis, using mass spectrometry.
  • High throughput analysis includes a full workflow from brain tissue, or smaller entities, to identification and quantification of proteins. In doing so the CNCR team has generated a socalled SynapSelect ™ data of interacting proteins.


  • Our facilities include cell culture robots and automated fluorescence time lapse microscopy tools, that allow for medium throughput screening of genetically modified cell-lines, using unique synapse formation and neurite outgrowth scanning methods, including SynapScan ™.
  • We can offer new bioassays by taking gene polymorphisms or haplotypes selected in Genome Wide Analyses (GWAS). We model these directly at the cellular level to test the effect of genetic variation or mutations on neuronal outgrowth and protein trafficking.
  • Since this technology is automated and executed in 96-well plates, it allows for the focused testing of small molecule compound libraries in collaboration with external partners.