Network Partners

Network Partners

“We fit together”

In order to be able to serve the industry, we have a number of essential internal stakeholders, are supported by outstanding campus facilities and have already formed alliances with a number of strategic external network partners.

Internal partners:

  • Alzheimer Center VUmc
  • MS Center Amsterdam
  • Netherlands Parkinson Cohort
  • LEAPAMC and INVESTAMC, Investigator Initiated Trials (also including Deep Brain Stimulation of PD patients)
  • PASSAMC, Investigator Initiated Trial in Meningitis
  • International Registry of CIDP patients
  • GGZinGeest, coordinator of NESDA
  • Netherlands Twin Register
  • LaserLab Amsterdam
  • Center for Neurogenomics & Cognitive Research (CNCR)
  • Swammerdam Institute Life Science (SILS)

Support parties:

  • Clinical Research Bureau VUmc
  • IXA – Innovation Exchange Amsterdam (Technology Transfer Offices) of VUmc and AMC
  • VUmc Imaging Center
  • University Animal Facility

External partners:

  • CHDR – Center for Human Drugs Research
  • Netherlands Brain Bank
  • Alzheimer Research Center BV, see here
  • NeuroBasic PharmaPhenomics
  • BBMRI / Parelsnoer
  • Sylics (tradename of Synaptologics BV, Amsterdam)
  • Noldus Information Technology (Wageningen)