Scientific management

Arjen Brussaard6813-aLa-1-Brussaard, Arjen
Scientific Director Amsterdam Neuroscience / Chief Scientific Officer of the Industry Alliance Office

Arjen Brussaard is the Scientific Director of Amsterdam Neuroscience (founded in 2008), an alliance – medical school and university based – research institute bringing together more than 850 clinicians, faculty and staff in the Amsterdam area, producing 1200+ publications per year, and performing research and clinical care amongst the best in the Netherlands and beyond. From origin trained as a synapse physiologist, he obtained his PhD in 1989, did a post doc at Columbia University New York from 1989-1991, started his own research lab in synapse physiology in 1992 back in Amsterdam, later-on became head of department and was appointed as full professor from 2000-2016. From 2002-2011 he was chair of the Center for Neurogenomics & Cognitive Research (CNCR). In 2007 he co-founded Sylics (tradename of Synaptologics BV). Since 2009 he is the coordinating director of the European Neuroscience Campus Network. In 2011-2012 he pioneered the Industry Allaince Office as a subsidiary of the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam. And as of 2017 he holds an full-time professorship in Translational Medicine in the field of Neuroscience at the VU Medical Center, with the aim to further integrate biomedical research and clinical interventions in the field of Neurology and Psychiatry.

Business development:

Pieter van Bokhoven7590-aLa-1-Bokhoven, van Pieter (Small)
Senior Business Development Manager

Appointed as business developer for the Industry Alliance Office of the Amsterdam Neuroscience. Obtained his PhD. in molecular neurobiology in 2011 on campus at the VU University. He broadened his experience towards business as an entrepreneur and founding partner of an SME developing applications for pharmaceutical companies. In 2015 Pieter decided to focus his career towards collaboration between industry and academia. He specializes in business development towards preclinical and clinical drug development for brain diseases, such as neurodegeneration and psychiatric disorders.

Sasja Heetveld
Business Development Manager

Sasja is appointed as business developer for the Industry Alliance Office of Amsterdam Neuroscience. She obtained her PhD in molecular neurobiology at the VU University and thereafter worked at the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases as specialist in automated high-throughput high-content screens. In 2016 Sasja decided to focus her career on building partnerships in the field of neuroscience drug discovery and started as business developer for a preclinical CRO in neuroscience. Currently Sasja specializes in business development for preclinical and clinical drug development in CNS diseases, including Multiple Sclerosis and neuropsychiatric disorders.

Prisca Leferink
Business Development Manager

Prisca is a neuroscientist with a a strong interest in innovative and translational neuroscience projects. She has a background in stem cell biology and brain white matter disorders, which she obtained during her PhD at the stem cell laboratory of the paediatric neurology department of the VUmc. Interested in broadening her horizon towards a strategic business perspective, she joined the IAO in 2018 as a business developer in training. Here she connects academic neuroscience research with the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, to develop and manage research collaborations for high impact translational neuroscience projects.

Sanne Stembert
Business Development Manager

Being appointed as Business Development manager for IXA/AMC, she dedicates 2 days per week on working with the Industry Alliance Office working with – and on behalf of – clinicians of the Amsterdam Medical Center in particular. She has a background in biomedical sciences (Leiden Amsterdam Center of Drug Research). After her studies she worked about 10 years at different pharmaceutical companies (e.g. Boehringer Ingelheim) mainly in marketing and sales. And 5 years at a clinical research organisation (PRA) with a focus on First in Man trials. In 2003 she started her own biotech company setting up clinical trials with an existing drug in Indonesia with a follow up compound in early preclinical development. Since 2010 she works at the TTO of the University Hospital of Amsterdam (AMC) setting up collaborative research programs between industry and academia. During her career she developed a large network within the pharmaceutical industry in Europe – Asia.

Dilek Iusuf 
Business Development Manager

Dilek Iusuf is working as Dedicated Business Developer for Amsterdam Neuroscience since June 2018. Dilek has obtained her Pharmacist diploma in Cluj-Napoca (Romania) followed by her Master Diploma in Drug Innovation at the University of Groningen (the Netherlands). After completing her PhD at the Netherlands Cancer Institute in 2015, she make the transition to the field of Life Sciences Consultancy with focus on grant writing and strategic non-dilutive funding advice. In the course of her career, Dilek has developed an interest for innovative discoveries and aims to speed up the valorization and translation of these discoveries to the end-users. To this aim, she focuses on setting up collaborative agreements between the researchers within Amsterdam Neuroscience and the relevant industrial partners.

Tim Moser7471-aLa-1-Moser, Tim (Small)
Business Development Manager

Currently working as Business Consultant for Amsterdam Neuroscience. He previously worked in infectious disease and immunology research, most recently at The Channing Laboratory in Boston, before broadening his expertise to include business and management by obtaining an MBA in 2002. From 2002 to 2008, he worked for the life science reagents company Novagen, most recently as site manager for a 75-person site. Tim has educational background in physiology, chemistry and biology, and significant experience in managing innovation-based businesses internationally. Areas of expertise: life science, health care delivery, finance and valuation of technology, disruptive technology, collaborations, business development and general management.

General management:

Margot Muller
Business Manager

Margot started her career at Sony Netherlands BV and later at Sony Europe BV in several management functions in the accounting, financial and internal audit area. She worked for the Sony group for 19 years. In 2006 she moved to the public sector, first two years at the Orion foundation, which is an organization specialized in education for children with a handicap, followed by the VU. She started her VU career as controller at the Finance, Planning and Control department of the faculty Earth and Life Sciences. In this role she supported the Institute of Environmental Studies (IVM), department for Geo- and Bioarchaeology and the department for Neurosciences. Since August 2011 Margot works for Innovation Exchange Amsterdam VU-VUmc as business controller and as of June 2018 also for IAO as business manager.

Barbara Goossens
Business Planning Manager / Legal Officer

Joined IAO since April 2015. Before Barbara was partner at a trademark attorney firm where she was dealing with assignments from mainly pharmaceutical companies. Barbara has an educational background in European Law. Skills in internal and external planning management, solid client portfolio management, external acquisition, marketing, legal consultancy and coordination of planning, budgeting and contracting issues.

Maaike Leusden
Contract Manager

Since 2010 project coordinator Erasmus Mundus joint doctorate programme European Neuroscience Campus (ENC) Network funded by the EACEA, Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency, European Commission at the VU Medical Center. Responsible for the daily management of the network including EU Project design and acquisition. Since 2015 contract manager of Industry Alliance Office. Maaike has an educational background in International Studies with focus on European regulations and directives. Skills in project management / coordination / planning, EU funding / Erasmus Mundus / Horizon2020, network administration.