Complex Trait Analysis

Complex Trait Analysis

Gene network analysis

Amsterdam Neuroscience is particularly strong in gene network analysis of human brain disorders. This requires large-scale computing resources. In particular, coming from work of the CNCR, an opinion leading position in this field has been obtained. Data resources provided by the Netherlands Twin Register and GGZinGeest (outpatient clinics for neuropsychiatric patients) have been instrumental in initiating large-scale efforts in gene-finding.

Genetic cluster computer

Part of this research is currently carried out at the Genetic Cluster Computer (GCC). New biologically informed methods are installed there to identify networks of interacting genes rather than individuals genes only. The GCC is a central supercomputing resource. It is coordinated by experts of Amsterdam Neuroscience and hosted at the national Dutch computing facilities (SARA), which is financially supported by NWO.

Biologically informed analysis

State-of-the art Quantitative Trait Genetics approaches allow analysis from gene/protein to function in a systems perspective, which is timely and within reach using both inter-laboratory and inter-disciplinary exchanges, and the fast progression of knowledge in a strongly interconnected network. Through this, we foresee excellent potential for rapid transfer of knowledge to new pharmacological applications in personalized medicine.