About us

About us

About Amsterdam Neuroscience
Academic Research Organization of two medical schools and two universities

The Industry Alliance Office is the front office for our collaborative work with biotech and pharma companies on behalf of Amsterdam Neuroscience, the alliance research organization of the two Academic Medical Schools (VUmc and AMC) and the two Universities (VU University Amsterdam and UvA) in the Amsterdam region. In 2016 Amsterdam Neuroscience was founded based on the best practice model of the former Neuroscience Campus Amsterdam of the VU Medical Center and the VU University Amsterdam. The mission of Amsterdam Neuroscience is to improve understanding of the human brain and nervous system in health and disease by executing integrated basic, translational and clinical research. To this end currently it brings together more than 850 faculty and staff coworkers in the Amsterdam area, producing more than 1200 publications per year and performing amongst the best in the Netherlands and beyond. Research is structured in nine research programs both focusing on specific brain and nervous system disease mechanisms and on technological innovation and basic research. In doing so, we contribute to generating deep understanding of brain mechanisms at all levels of study, from molecular and cellular studies, to circuitry and intact brain and behavior. From there the latest scientific insights are translated into novel diagnostics and interventions for neurodegenerative, neuroimmunological and neuropsychiatric disorders.

About the Industry Alliance Office
Open innovation

The Industry Alliance Office has its office at the VU Medical Center Amsterdam and acts as the commercial front office of Amsterdam Neuroscience. The IAO provides a full service shop for industry research partners, who want to collaborate with experts in our medical centers and academic laboratories. Our aim is to establish and maintain multifaceted relationships with commercial companies, enhancing the research enterprise of Amsterdam Neuroscience. These relationships include both clinical research and technology platforms.

Global proposition

  • Endurable strategic collaborations with industrial parties regarding neurological and neuropsychiatric diseases.
  • Reciprocal model: providing scientific knowledge and research facilities to industrial parties. Retaining internal scientific objectives within an open innovation climate.
  • Added value: providing a translation and multidisciplinary bridge between science, industry and patient.
  • One-stop-shop for drug development; from target discovery to the clinic.