“We fit together”

Our mission is to study the human brain, and to empower drug development for brain diseases, from target to treatment. In Amsterdam Neuroscience, clinicians are working side-by-side with disease-oriented neuroscientists, especially focused upon neurodegeneration, neuroimmunology, neurovascular disorders and neuropsychiatric disease. Through a translational research approach we aim to deliver proof-of-concept for radically new approaches in the early diagnosis of brain disease, the elucidation of underlying mechanisms, and thus to provide new routes toward therapy.

The industry Alliance Office acts as ‘system integrator’, a one-stop-shop where custom-oriented research services and clinical trial guidance can be made available to external stakeholders of the alliance research institute Amsterdam Neuroscience. Our team looks forward to meet up with you.

Capacity providers for the Industry Alliance Office include the Amsterdam UMC Location VUmc  – Vrije Universiteit AmsterdamAmsterdam UMC Location AMCUniversity of Amsterdam – We have our offices at Amsterdam VUMC Location VUmc.